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Dear Brethren,

The Grand Conclave agreed at its meeting last Saturday of the nomination of three candidates for the elections to Grand Master to be held in the Grand Assembly on the 10th of march. I’m one of the nominated candidates.

Not having the electoral census yet, I have published on my personal blog ( the electoral program. You can, if this is your desire, know and even ask in the forum what you should consider pertinent. If, on the other hand, it seems appropriate and you feel coparticipants of it, you can, whenever that is your will, support the candidacy.

The program has been developed jointly with Brethren who are committed to our institution and who believe it is time to start a new phase. For my part, I will always be at the service of the Brethren and the institution. My commitment is to make reality, together with a team and in an austere and collegiate way, once the program is approved.

In the period that has started and that will end on the 10th of March this year, I will visit all the provinces of the Grand Lodge of Spain and you will have the opportunity to ask me or suggest personally what you should consider opportune. This regardless of the contact that, through other means, we can always have.

The future is open and the foundations of Regular Spanish Freemasonry can be cemented with the real participation of all the Brethren and all the respectable lodges in a climate that is always positive, constructive, free, integrative and with institutional stability.

In the 35 years of the Grand Lodge of Spain we have never had this opportunity. It’s up to everyone to take advantage of it.

I remain at your disposal, receive my affectionate and fraternal greetings.


Manuel Torres Izquierdo

Master Mason